We accept content already published on the internet.


3D, AR, AI, 5D
Content created with 3D, Augmented Reality (AR), Artificial Intelligence (AI) and/or 5D technologies.

Including but not limited to Stop Motion, Claymation, Classic, etc.

Apps can be created for Mobile or tablets. We will screen your app demo video if accepted.

Digital Comics
Digital Comics are accepted in digital format only, no physical books please.


Content created with a drone.

30 minutes or longer , any subject, genre or format.

Media content created with your cell or phone or tablet.

Music Video
All Music Videos welcome.

New Media
Since New Media is an ever evolving arena, we have this category for those of you that have created something that is not right for our other categories.

A documentary or narrative form, all genres.

A program made available in digital format for automatic download over the Internet and/or apps.

All Scripts. Short or long form, animation, comedy, sitcom, drama, books, web series, reality, live, TV anything scripted, this is for you. There is not a limit on page numbers. Top 3 winners in this category win Industry memberships valued at $1000.00 each & are still considered for Grand Prize Award.

Any content 30 minutes or under.

Snipler - a 30 second pitch
Think of it as a snippet of a trailer, a way to pitch a project vs. preview a project (trailer).

You may submit any genre, any length for this category. The subject matter must at some point touch on or involve one of these elements: Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and/or Math.

Content that was made while you were a student. Top 3 winners in this category receive $100.00 each & are still considered for Grand Prize Award.

SRC – Socially Responsible Content
Film & media content that has a socially responsible message and would like to be considered for competition in this category. Including but not limited to PSA's, industrials, journalism. We have had stories as diverse as the Last Dinners of Death Row Inmates to Bumblebees.

Up to 4 minutes of an excerpt from your content that you use as a preview. Judged by a journalist who reviews trailers for press.

Virtual Reality / 360
Any content created with Virtual Reality or 360 technology.

Web Series
A series of scripted or non-scripted videos, generally in episodic form.

Submission/Entry Process
Up to 3 Industry leaders review/screen your content based on story, production value, New Media.
If 2-3 of the screeners approve of your content based on our criteria, you are accepted in to the festival.

Judges From

and other industry leaders